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We help our clients to leverage their data into actionable insights that impact revenue and profitability.


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In uncertain times and low-margin industries like the retail industry an accurate view of future business performance and trends is key.

Customer Segmentation

In order to increase customers’ shopping experience a retailer needs a solution to offer personalized communication.

Promotional Effectiveness

Optimization of promotions can lead to a 2% increase in bottom line. We develop a framework for our clients that helps distinguish and clustering the promotions.

Dashboarding / Visualisations

We believe in delivering data solutions for analytics from end-to-end: Therefore, dashboards and data visualization apps are an integral part of any of our solutions.



We collect and put together datasets from internal and publicly available sources and forecast market developments of vaccines or drugs using cohort-based approaches.

Early commercial strategy

Early commercial strategy is a vital component of R&D strategy and feasibility. Based on our understanding of different market drivers and important product label features.

Dashboarding/ Visualizations

Dashboards and data visualization apps are an integral part of any data driven organization. We help our clients with building the appropriate reporting dashboards for their data questions or on top of our data science models.


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